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Certificate in Advanced Negotiation Skills

Course Information

Location: Carleton University

Date: Fall 2012, Spring 2013

Price: TBD

Registration: CLOSED

: Please contact Kevin Arthur if you have any questions about the course, or if you wish to organize a custom training course for your organisation.

Course Description

The CTPL Certificate in Advanced Negotiation Skills gives trade professionals the knowledge and skills they need to increase their effectiveness at work, to access new career opportunities, and to accomplish more on behalf of their countries. Incorporating a variety of real-world case studies, the Certificate is both current and comprehensive. Participants gain valuable negotiation skills and experience working within WTO frameworks to establish and interpret international trade policy.

Since 1989, CTPL trainers have worked with trade policy professionals in more than 40 countries. This experience is brought into class discussions and case studies, and informs the overall design and approach of the Certificate in Advanced Negotiations Skills. 

This intensive four-day simulation will give participants an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in the preparation and negotiation of a forward-looking international trade agreement. This course explores the fundamentals of trade negotiation strategy and trade policy formulation in the context of a simulated Canada-India Free Trade Negotiation. The simulation will run from Tuesday, February 21 - Friday, February 24, 2012, after which participants will obtain a Certificate in Advanced Negotiations Skills.

This simulation is based on the current agenda for the Canada-Indian negotiations. For the purposes of the simulation, course participants will be divided between two teams, one representing Canada and the other India. The goal will be for the participants to draft and agree on a negotiated text of a bilateral trade agreement setting out approaches to the principal issues in the negotiations (Trade in Goods, including Agriculture; Services and Investment, TRIPs, and Trade and Environment, Labour, and Development).

Each team will be assigned a coach who will advise the team on preparation, substantive issues and strategies.

Course content will focus on: 

  • International trade commitments and implementation
  • Trade negotiation skills
  • Critical trade policy issues such as: intellectual property, services, environment, labour, and competition policy

Participants will learn how to:

  •  Negotiate trade agreements
  •  Work with a team to build and sustain a consensus for trade policy objectives
  •  Communicate with domestic and foreign audiences

Audience: This course is designed for professionals working in all trade-related government ministries as well as those working on trade or trade-related policy issues. Professionals involved in public consultations and public advocacy may also be interested. Individuals who are pursuing a position requiring trade knowledge, improving their negotiation skills, and generally interested in refining their trade knowledge may also apply.

Participation in the course is limited in order to provide opportunities for discussion, case studies, and other practical exercises intended to complement the presentations and readings.  


  • Lead instructor: Terry Collins-Williams, CTPL Senior Associate and Former Deputy Chief Negotiator for Canada for the Doha Round of trade negotiations at the WTO

What You Will Receive
  • Four days of intensive instruction and a hands-on negotiation simulation experience
  • Detailed course manual, readings, texts and instructor powerpoint slides
  • Coffee breaks will be provided