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Bangladesh: Monitoring the Impacts of the Uruguay Round 1999–2003

CTPL and the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) in Dhaka, implemented a multi-year CIDA-funded project between 1999 and 2003 to provide trade-related tech Read more »

Pakistan: The Implications of the World Trade Organization 1997

Under this project, CTPL delivered four seminars on the impact of the Uruguay Round on Pakistan to public and private sector representatives in Islamabad, Karachi, L Read more »

Thailand: Strengthening Multilateral Trade Negotiation Skills 2000

Under the CIDA-financed project, CTPL, together with the Thai Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Economics, launched a comprehensive series of training initiatives designed to strengthen t Read more »

China: Canada-China WTO Capacity Building Project 2004–2008

In July 2004, CTPL in collaboration with IBM Business Consulting Services began a multi-year CIDA-funded project in China to support China's continuing economic reform in areas critical to developm Read more »

China: The Textile Sector Reform and WTO Implementation 2001–2003

This was a sub-projects under the Public Sector Reform Program (PSRP) financed by CIDA and executed by Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd. in Calgary. Read more »

China: The Fishery Policy and WTO Training Project 2000–2002

This project was one of the sub-projects for China under the Public Sector Reform Program (PSRP) financed by the CIDA and executed by Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd. based in Calgary. Read more »

China: The Auto Policy and WTO Project 1999–2000

This policy assistance project was a sub-project of a Public Policy Options Project (PPOP) executed by the Conference Board of Canada and financed by CIDA. The overall objective of this project was to strengthen the capacity of Chinese automotive sector policy makers in formulating and implementing WTO-consistent industrial policies. Read more »

APEC: Telecommunications and Financial Services Training 2001–2002

CTPL designed and delivered two intensive training programmes on the WTO Agreements on Telecommunications and Financial Services for Trade officials from 20 APEC developing countries. Read more »


CTPL runs an active Asia-Pacific Program, which includes both country and regional programs in Asia and the Pacific. Read more »

Vietnam: Financial Policy Internship Program - Sub-project for Vietnam-Canada Financial Management Project 2000

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) contracted the services of CTPL to design and deliver an internship program on financial policy issues concerning Vietnam's accession to the WTO. Two Vietnamese interns were selected to study at CTPL in the summer of 2000 for 6 weeks. The interns prepared two policy papers on tariffs and financial services. Read more »