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China and the World Trade Organization: Requirement, Realities, and Resolution

Wenguo Cai, Murray G. Smith and Xu Xianquan, eds. (CTPL, 1996)

China formally applied for the resumption of its GATT membership in July 1986. Since March 1987, negotiations between China and the GATT contracting parties have taken place under the auspices of a working party in Geneva. After the WTO entered into force in January 1995, the negotiations have focused on the terms of China's accession to the WTO. Read more »

Additional CTPL Titles

  • Managing US-Japanese Trade Disputes: Are There Better Ways?
    Edited by Wendy Dobson and Hideo Sato (CTPL, 1996)
  • Sino-North American Trade: Challenges and Opportunities

Whose Rights? The NAFTA Chapter 11 Debate

Edited by Laura Ritchie Dawson with an introduction by Donald M. McRae 2002

Read more »

The Culture/Trade Quandary: Canada's Policy Option

Edited by Dennis Browne, 1998

This book records the proceedings of a public conference that was organized and sponsored by the Centre for Trade Policy and Law on October 9, 1997, in Ottawa. Read more »

Fifty Years of Canadian Tradecraft: Canada at the GATT 1947-1997

Michael Hart 1998

This book tells the story of Canadian interests and involvement in the evolution of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, or GATT - from its beginnings in the years immediately after the Second World War to its culmination in the establishment of the World Trade Organization in 1995. Read more »

Trade, Innovation, and Industrial Performance: India - Canada Linkages

Edited by Sunder Magun 1997

Technological transformations and the changing structures of global trade present new challenges for both India and Canada. In Trade, Innovation and Industrial Performance: India-Canada Linkages these challenges form the basis for an analysis of each country's potential for growth and an examination of the trade, investment, and technology relations between the two. Read more »

Finding Middle Ground: Reforming the Anti-dumping Laws in North America

Michael Hart 1997

For more than a decade, Canada has sought to enhance and secure its access to the US market. Much of this quest has been successful, as demonstrated by the rapid growth in bilateral trade and investment. Read more »

Sino-North American Trade: Challenges and Opportunities

Leonard Waverman, ed. (CTPL, 1996)

In the last fifteen years per capita income in China has more than doubled and trade has expanded enormously. In 1994, China's trade passed US$200 billion and China became the world's tenth largest exporter. Growth in foreign direct investment (FDI), has been equally impressive. Read more »