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CTPL offers a range of mock trade simulations, both multilateral and bilateral. Previous simulations have included: Multilateral Doha Development Round, Canada–CARICOM, and Canada-EU. The aim is to educate participants about the wide range of activities and processes that occur during trade negotiations. Participants are organized into delegations in order to represent the needs of a particular country. Individuals take on the role of a diplomat and research their country’s position on a negotiating topic (goods and services, government procurement, intellectual property. etc.). Each delegation is paired with a coach to help guide them through the process and answer any technical questions. Although extremely challenging, the goal of the simulation is to arrive at a trade agreement that satisfies all parties. In the past, participants have included both Canadian and international students studying international affairs, and also young professionals working in the field of trade.

During the simulation, participants exercise a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to effectively represent the position of their assigned country. Each year students learn the importance of active listening, conflict resolution, and technical writing.

CTPL's next simulation will be offered in Ottawa from February 21 - 24, 2012 and will cover the Canada-India negotiations. For details, please contact Teale Irwin.